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talk to povery matters uk

Poverty Matters uk were brilliant the guy I spoke to talked to me about the project and then said that his job was to find organistations that were suitable for projects that were out there. he left me and then got back to me with organisations that he felt might be suitable

revisiting space2

- initial contact with Dawn

-dawn contacted me said would like towork and  would pass on to her colleague 

- reply - no return 

- another email - no return 

rang and spoke to to someone who said was still interested but the person dealing was ill and to ring back 

- ring back - no answer 

ring - back left answering phone message 

- Emailed another Emma 

- got a ring back 

- arranged an appointment. 

polltax/bedroom tax

In recent weeks I’ve heard the bedroom tax compared to the poll tax in a way that those who are demonstrating believe they can beat it in the same way. I have my concerns about this mainly because the bedroom tax doesn’t effect everyone it only effects those that are low waged or out of work and reliant on housing benefit. So those that it doesn’t effect won’t understand the complexities of the who it effects. They will only see unless they choose to research further a tax that encourages those who have more rooms than are necessary to move into smaller housing. They will understand it as it is sold , as a tax that will stop families whose children have moved out from hanging on to 3 and 4 bedroom houses that could be given to younger families. This is what they wont’ see

1. people with disabilites that have a ‘spare room’ will be taxed even those these rooms may be used for temporary carers or to store vital equipment. Only those with the severest disabilities will be unaffected, those with degenerative diseases that have not reached this severity will be affected and potentially forced from their homes even though they will eventually need the room for long term carers and other things 

2. Families whose children come to stay temporarily , those who are in university, forces ect who come back to stay and single parents who have joint custody but not residency of the children. 

3. families who have children of different sex under the age of 10 who currently have their own rooms will be charged the tax, they will have to pay extra or find themselves alternative accommodation, even though after the age of 10 those children will no longer be allowed to share the same room and they once again will require those rooms.

families with children of the same sex under the age of 18 will be required to share a room and those families will have to pay the tax. 

These families are the ones that are affected, unless every person who is affected protests the likely hood is that they will be ignored and the government is counting on this. This is not a tax about bedrooms and housing it is a an tax on poverty and class. If this was about housing those that do not receive housing benefit would be asked to pay extra for the rooms they don’t need. But this the government understands would be a push too far. The rhetoric within the news and media allows people to believe this tax only effects lazy and feckless people rather than ordinary families

co star

customer - who is the customer, who is paying me, narrow definition, where do they live, what do they spend their money on. 

what is their unmet need. 

Opportunity - what is the full potential of the opportunity? where else can you sell your product,  guess the value. 

solution - what is your solution to the un met need how are you going to capture it. 

Team - what skills or team do you need around you. 

what makes your idea special results what do you think you are going to achieve. 

What are my Values?

To contribute in a productive way to society

To promote equality in every walk of life

To give fun thoughtful and professional images 

To capture moments

To work with organisations according to their ability to pay. 

To give discounts for new start ups, charities and ethical organisations

To promote positive identities within society.

To promote the arts scene within Leeds

Job centres in Leeds

One of the things that I want to do is go to another job centre and try to get more individuals involved with the job centre photography. I found where some job centres are in Leeds and I’m going to go out and do a proper scout of the centres. 

I ve been asked to act as DOP , with reference particularly to lighting on  a 3rd years FMP project, was interested to see if film lighting was similar to photography lighting, as I didn’t want to commit myself to doing something that I couldn’t do . After watching a few videos the concepts seem to be the same I’m already familar with Blondes and Reds which are the lighting used for video so I think that I’m ok to commit myself to this its not going to be a huge commitment.